God's Word

We believe the Bible is God's perfect Word; holy, inspired, and infallible (1 Tim. 3:16,17). It is relevant to every generation. The Bible is central in our church.  You will experience the Bible in a new way as it comes alive through expository preaching. Understanding God's Word is the anchor of our church. 


You will experience a true Biblical experience of worshipping the Lord. The reason we come together as a family is to worship Christ. If it's singing, fellowship, serving, or hearing the Word of God preached, our aim is to experience an all satisfying relationship with Christ.


We are privileged to serve the Lord. And we count it an honor to serve others as Christ serves us. At EGBC, there are many opportunities for you to use your gifts to minister to others. As a new church, there are always great opportunities to get involved as we continue to grow.

Build lasting friendships

The bonds between Christian friendships are like no others. We believe in cultivating relationships and strengthening these bonds between members of our church. You'll discover that encouragement, service and love are the hallmarks of friendships here!

EGBC is a fairly new church! This creates a great opportunity to belong and to get involved. It's a place where you can get a fresh start, meeting new people and seeing Christ through the Word like never before.

We have the amazing opportunity to meet in a beautiful building, which equips us to provide a wonderful experience for our people. We provide child care for children younger than 2 and a Kids Pursuing Christ ministry for children 3 and older. Come and join us!