Grace Produces Radical Obedience

February 4, 2018 Speaker: Justin Schroeder Series: Psalm 119 {Knowing-Delighting-Transforming}

Passage: Psalm 119:57–119:64

Knowledge about God is never the ultimate goal. We long to know God because God is infinitely glorious, infinitely good, infinitely gracious, and the One who alone can satisfy our souls. As we know Him, we delight in Him. This delighting in God moves us to know Him more and more. Yet, knowing and delight aren’t enough either. Because as we know God and delight in God, we will be transformed by God. God’s great longing is that we would live our lives for His glory. Psalm 119 pushes us to that end-living for the glory of God alone. So we may be a congregation that eagerly and joyfully seeks to know God, delight in God, and be transformed by God!

1. God is Enough | Psalm 119:57-58.

2. The Necessity of Thinking before Doing | Psalm 119:59-60.

3. Obedience is Not Circumstantial | Psalm 119:61-64.