Our Story

Elk Grove Bible Church (EGBC) is a church replant. What is that? The history of EGBC goes back sixty years to Meadowview Bible Church of Sacramento, California. In 2008, the then-struggling church accepted a new pastor and in 2010/2011 voted to replant the church in the Elk Grove area. Though it has roots going back over half a century, it is also very new. It is a replant.

After spending a brief time doing "church-in-box" at the Laguna Town Hall and the Elk Grove Event Center off of Bradshaw, God provided our current location on Dwight Road as a home for EGBC. The move gave us an opportunity to establish ourselves and build a church community and identity which we hope will continue for another sixty-plus years or more!

We believe matters of doctrine  to be of great importance for the church as seen in the Bible. We remain committed to allowing the Scriptures to be the determining factor in our beliefs. This requires we work together to properly understand how to study the Bible correctly. Historically, we hold to the doctrines of grace. We are reformed in our beliefs, hold to a believer's Baptism, keep the Lord's Supper and believe in the imminent return of the Lord. If you have more questions on this matter (and we welcome them), you can visit us and ask to speak with one of our elders. Or use the Contact Us link to send us an email.

EGBC is an elder-led church. This is not a one-man based ministry, which we see as un-Biblical. Through a plurality of godly men God has ordained to direct the local church. This plurality protects the body and provides the best means, when properly used, of accountability and transparency.  

In a time where the pressure on churches is to provide a plethora of services to keep people coming back, we believe the Scriptures clearly teach a simple perspective: We exist to please and worship God. And as we do this together, we experience the blessing of a community stronger and deeper than anything else in the world! 

Churches can become so crowded, that we lose the reason we worship together. The busy-ness of a church can be equated with importance, but that is not true in the kingdom of God. We want everyone to corporately worship on the Lord's Day and find a community group or Bible study to belong to through the week with the mission of growing into the image of Christ. 

We keep our Sunday service simple. We have a nursery and a children's ministry that are built on the Word and simplicity. 

We keep our Sundays simple so the workload is not overwhelming. An overly busy Sunday service can create an overwhelming demand for volunteers, and we don't want to guilt people into serving in areas who aren't called to be there. Our church calendar is full of breathing room. More activity doesn't equal greater spiritual maturity. 

While we treasure our worship gatherings, community groups, Bible studies, occasional picnics and other events, our focus is not on adding more activity. Our focus is adding depth to our relationship with Christ and each other. We take stewardship seriously. 

We want those who call Elk Grove Bible Church to own it and we practice church-membership as a means toward this goal and because we see it as Biblical.

Our story is long and far from being completed. This is what is most exciting to us! Every day we see how God is growing us more through the working of His providential hand.