Stories from the field

God is using a nation's dark and painful past to turn a people toward Christ, providentially using servants like Pastor Hor to free the lost from a stranglehold of false teaching and darkness. These extraordinary workings tell the amazing story of the Lord's relentless plan for redemption and hope and how you can play a vital part in His plan for Cambodia. 

  • Our Cambodian family

    From the Killing Fields to new life in the Gospel, Pastor Hor shares the amazing story of how he came know to the Lord ~ and in turn dedicated his life to bringing the Good News to his countrymen. Download the May/June 2016 issue here to read his story and also one about how EGBC is helping transform  a dilapidated building into a thriving church.

  • Persecuted for following Christ

    Elder Leng Mao came under immediate persecution from family and friends when he revealed his newfound faith in Christ. Read his inspiring story and how the Lord has sustained him and brought many of his loved ones to salvation in the July/August issue here.

  • Reaching Cambodia for Christ

    Watch this short video to get an inside look at Pastor Hor's tireless efforts to spread the Gospel and see some of the amazing work the Lord is doing in Cambodia.

  • Standing with the church in Cambodia

    “Give us the right to believe in Jesus Christ the true God, on whom you have believed for many, many centuries.” For Chhirc Taing, who returned to his country to advance the gospel knowing he would be killed, the need was so profound that no sacrifice was too much to make. He was murdered days after the Khmer Rouge took over in 1975. The need is no smaller today, but the sacrifice asked of us now is incomparably less.